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Austrian Biomethane Register

After the amendment of the Austrian Eco Electricity Act 2011 (├ľkostromgesetz 2011) the balance group coordinator AGCS (Austrian Gas Clearing und Settlement AG) is responsible for the monthly compilation of certificates with distinct identifiers regarding biomethane injected to the natural gas grid. This gas can be injected to the grid at arbitrary locations and especially be extracted from the grid at arbitrary locations for the generation of green electricity. Thus, it is not mandatory anymore to utilise the biomethane on-site. The amount if injected biomethane is a component of the balance group model as any other injected gas amounts. Thus, AGCS (as balance group coordinator) keeps distinct accounts within the clearing system for al registered biomethane plants. Hence, the clearing system provides the data basis for the Biomethane Register Austria. This tool acts as a basis for the processing of promotions for the conversion of biomethane to electricity by the green energy settlement centre as well as a basis for the further marketing of the product biomethane. Thus, this platform provides the possibility of a comprehensible and secured transfer of ownership for biomethane in Austria.