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Biomethane-Calculator comprises the technologic and economic aspects of upgrading raw biogas to produce biomethane. After defining the raw biogas to be upgraded, the user is asked to select one out of a couple of different gas upgrading technologies. The following technologies are relevant in biogas upgrading and are therefore included in Biomethane-Calculator:

  • Gaspermeation (3 different plant configurations)
  • Pressurised water scrubbing
  • Pressure swing adsorption
  • Atmospheric amine scrubbing

Furthermore, the user is allowed to choose the consideration of additional plant components like raw biogas desulphurisation, gas transfer station for grid injection, high pressure compression, gas odorisation or propane dosing for heating value adjustment. Finally, the desired quality of the produced biomethane has to be defined.

Thereupon, Biomethane-Calculator generates a techno-economic assessment of the projected gas upgrading solution for the production of biomethane. It is investigated, if the considered technology is suitable for reaching the desired biomethane quality or if an alternative technology has to be chosen. The economic assessment comprises the calculation of investment costs and all operational costs as well as the specific production costs.

This tool has been developed during the IEE-project BioMethane Regions. It is designed to be used for pre-feasibility studies regarding new bio-methane facilities. Liability claims regarding damage or economic disadvantage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will be rejected by the authors.

Current Software-version: V2.1.1, published 16.10.2013
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