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Guide to cooperative biogas to biomethane developments

The "Guide to cooperative biogas to biomethane developments" elaborates the possibilities of a joint upgrading of biogas delivered by a number of small-scale decentralised biogas plants and possible economic advantages. As almost every technology, also biogas upgrading shows an effect called "economy-of-scale". The specific costs of a technology related to one cubic meter of product increase very fast as the plant size decreases. As a result, the production of biomethane tends to be uneconomic for small-scale biogas plants (mostly of agricultural type).

If a way of cooperative biogas upgrading can be found, even biogas from small plants can be upgraded in an economic way as the higher biogas amount delivered by a higher number of small-scale plants allows for bigger biogas upgrading plants and finally results in lower specific costs. This report outlines the technological possibilities of such cooperative concepts (mobile biogas upgrading, raw biogas pipeline), the conditions necessary for an economic realisation and operation of these concepts as well as the key aspects that have to be tackled during the conceptual design.

This document is designed as a guideline for engineers and planners during the development of new biomethane production facilities as well as a guide for operators of small-scale biogas plants looking for an economic possibility for their biogas to be upgraded.

This tool has been developed during the IEE-project BioMethane Regions. It is designed to be used for pre-feasibility studies regarding new bio-methane facilities. Liability claims regarding damage or economic disadvantage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will be rejected by the authors.

Current version published 30.04.2013

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