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Review on biogas upgrading technologies

The "Biogas to biomethane technology report" gives a short summary on the established technologies for biogas upgrading. After a short introduction and terminology section the technologies available for the removal of carbon dioxide, moisture, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, siloxanes and particulates are presented. Finally, the possibilities for the removal of methane from the upgrading offgas are discussed.

Even though a generally valid direct comparison of the different technologies is notably difficult, the advantages and disadvantages of the described technologies are depicted and compared. The technology-specific parameters are given and an insight to typical operational regimes is given. Furthermore, the investment costs and operational costs to be expected are indicated for several plant sizes.

This document is designed as a guideline for engineers and planners during the development of new biomethane production facilities as well as to act as a short executive summary on the technology to be used by potential investors and plant operators.

This tool has been developed during the IEE-project BioMethane Regions. It is designed to be used for pre-feasibility studies regarding new bio-methane facilities. Liability claims regarding damage or economic disadvantage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will be rejected by the authors.

Current version published 02.07.2012

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