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Biomethane and biogas upgrading

Biogas and Biomethane are energy carriers of the future with high potential according to estimations of leading experts. The production of these gaseous energy carriers is carbon neutral to a huge extent and its utilisation leads to a reduction of climate change and greenhouse effects.

Biogas and Biomethane are regionally produced energy carriers contributing to an energy supply independent of foreign imports. Thus, beside the abatement of some geopolitical problems, the regional added value is increased and sustainable and secure jobs are created.

Biogas and Biomethane are based on renewable ressources of inexhaustible potential providing their sustainable utilisation. The basis of Biogas and Biomethane are various forms of biomass which represents stored solar energy in the final instance.

The arable land on earth is strictly limited; as a result, the utilisation of agrarian space for energy production must not be performed in competition with the production of food or feedstock. Thus, we have to assure to utilise the available ressources with highest efficiency. This website is provided to give a small contribution to that goal.

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